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A third of Asia wants to visit Europe this summer


Europe is attractive for world’s tourists thanks to cheaper euro
More than a quarter of Asian travellers have their hearts set on summering in Europe this year, an option made even more attractive of late thanks to the cheaper euro, TTG Asia reports.
Sojern’s Global Travel Insights Report for Q1 2015 captures travel data from over 800 million data points internationally and offers a glimpse into global travel trends for summer season 2015.
Europe is the most desirable destination this summer, registering double-digit percentages of travellers in each region around the world searching Europe online – North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific.
According to Sojern, 33% of Asia-Pacific travellers are considering summer holidays in Europe, with London being the most popular pick for a holiday. Paris is the next most preferred European holiday spot, coming fifth. Bali comes second in Asia-Pacific’s most desired top 10 summer picks, followed by Los Angeles, Singapore, Paris, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, Incheon and Tokyo.
Among Middle East and Africa travellers, 45% want to go to Europe. A fifth of North America travellers (22%) and 30% of Latam travellers want Europe as a destination. Meanwhile, most Europeans intend to stay in their own continent to enjoy their vacation (71%).
Asia-Pacific travellers prefer to travel in the months of June and July, but are also likely to take the shortest breaks this summer with trips planned for two days or less, Sojern’s research says.
TTG Asia
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