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A smoother start to your trip – check in with Swedavia’s app


Starting today, passengers can check in using Swedavia’s app. At the same time, tablet versions of the app are being launched.

It should be convenient and easy for people to plan their trip. One helpful tool is Swedavia’s app, which – starting today – allows passengers to check in. Check-in is done via the app, but this is made possible with the help of the mobile check-in system of the airline involved.

“Being able to find relevant information about services available at and around the airport and also check in with the same app makes it even more convenient for passengers,” says Michael Persson Gripkow, chief commercial and marketing officer at Swedavia. “And although not all airlines have mobile check-in, the majority of passengers are still able to do so.”

Passengers access the app’s check-in function by using the “Departures & check-in” link and then selecting the flight in question. Then they only need to click on the “Check in” button and follow the instructions.

Tablet versions for iPad and Android devices are also being launched today. These versions include similar functions in the app but are modified to take advantage of the larger screen.

It will also be easier for passengers to find information about parking, taxis and rental cars as well as about things that are important to remember before their trip, for instance, liquid regulations and regulations for baggage check-in.


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