Home News A pillow that can make travel more relaxing

A pillow that can make travel more relaxing


Sleep on planes or at airports with new devices

Travel is a tiring business, but the creators of a new device claim you can sleep anywhere, any time.

The NapAnywhere travel pillow has a disc-shaped collapsible structure, is very portable, and is placed between your head and shoulder. An optional strap can be pulled across your chest to keep it in place. It weighs just 230g.

The pillow has been welcomed by the travel industry, winning the Product Innovation Award at the 2014 International Travel Goods Show in the US.

It joins other portable pillows designed to help weary travellers. The bizarre-looking Ostrich Pillow, for example, covers your entire head and can “enable power naps anytime, anywhere”. It has a hole where you put your head, a mouth hole so you can breathe – and two side holes where you can store your hands.

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[photo courtesy NapAnywhere.net]


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