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A look inside the new Ikea Museum


A varied history features among the iconic furniture
The new Ikea Museum opened last week in the birthplace of the iconic furniture chain, at its former first store in Almhult, Sweden, where visitors will get insights and interaction into its history and products.
The company’s first store opened in 1958. Now, people visiting the three-floor, 3,500 square-metre Ikea shrine will see their furniture from past decades pass before their eyes, in a constantly moving display of images.
“It’s a walk through history, how life at home has changed over the times and how IKEA has changed with it,” said the group’s CEO, Peter Agnefjall. “We wanted to do something useful with the building that housed our first store, and it’s fascinating.”
Three themes divide the exhibits – the company’s roots, its story, and stories of some of the people who have bought Ikea’s products over the years. Which can all come across as a touch propagandistic.
But the museum also includes the story of its founder, Ingvar Kamprad (the IK in Ikea), who is now aged 90 – including his time as a recruiter for a Swedish Nazi group in the 1940s, something he has called his “biggest fiasco” and “a part of my life that I bitterly regret”.
But after all the drama, there are plenty of Swedish meatballs to fill up on.
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