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7 years without raising fees at Bordeaux Airport => 7 years of growing traffic

For the 2016/2017 year (*) and the 7th year running, Bordeaux Airport will not apply any tariff increase to their aeronautical fees.
All Bordeaux Airport charges including the passenger service charge, landing charge, runway lights, airport parking and fuelcharge have remained stable since 2009. This long-term strategy was chosen by the airport to overcome the restraints encountered by airline companies and their need to reduce their airport costs.
This means that Bordeaux Airport charges have been reduced by more than 10% relatively during this period, taking into account inflation and changes to costs associated with air transport. Regarding the passenger service charge, the creation of the low cost billi terminal has also provided companies looking for a cut-back service with an extra 33% reduction.
Finally, in the same period, airport tax at Bordeaux Airport, which is determined by the Ministry of Transport but also dependent on an airport’s operational management has decreased by 7%.
Therefore, since 2009, airline companies hosted in Bordeaux have been able to enjoy substantial cost reductions even while, as a whole, the international air transport sector’s cost situation has been quite inflated these last years.
This economic advantage provided by Bordeaux Airport will continue in 2017.
(*) Bordeaux Airport’s pricing year works on a period of 12 months, from the 1st of July to the 20th of June of the following year


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