Home News 1,306 guns found at US airports in 2011

1,306 guns found at US airports in 2011


Full-body scanners also spot ceramic knives and exotic pets

Airports’ full-body screeners appear to be doing their job in the US. They uncovered exactly 1,306 guns in carry-on bags, in espionage-style hollowed-out books or concealed in passengers’ shoes during 2011. Other objects that passengers have tried to smuggle through but were ultimately detected on the scanners included non-metal ceramic knives and “exotic pets strapped to a passenger’s legs.”
Examples of odd objects spotted by the Transportation Security Administration include a spear gun and utility knife in a passenger’s carry-on bag, a baton with double-edged dagger hidden inside, and (pictured) two hand grenades – although these turned out to be harmless replicas changed so they could be used on top of a gearstick in a car.
[photo courtesy TSA]


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