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12 Mexican cattle travel to China by China Southern


There were 12 special guests arriving at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport on 12 May, 2015.

The special guests which were invited by CCTV for a TV show “Inter Cities”, were Mexican cattle used for bullfight. They were transported from Los Angeles to Guangzhou by freighter flight CZ8702 of China Southern Airlines, and will be transferred to Hainan by truck later on.

China Southern Airlines successfully accomplished this delivery. After the TV show, they will be settled down in China for the purpose of commercial performance.

In order to keep the cattle away from the noise and bright light, they had to be loaded in seamless iron containers which covered by net on the top for ventilation. Also, the loadmaster from China Southern had to put them beside the cab to reduce the uncomfortable and the bump during the journey.

Besides, there was also a personal nanny for breeding the cattle. Before the flight, the ground handling staff from China Southern chose a separated area for the cattle attendance to do the preflight check and the breeding every 2 hours. During the flight, the nanny had to check about the cattle’s conditions from time to time to make sure there were no emergencies.

On the arrival of the aircraft, the ground support team of China Southern worked together with the ground handling colleagues, customs and quarantine to finalize the customs clearance and quarantine inspection etc at the highest possible speed.

China Southern is proud of its reputation for offering professional, prompt, superior, and effective live-animal transportation service. So far, it has delivered a wide range of live animals such as pigs, horses, minks, cattle, crocodiles, tigers, and even pandas. The success of this flight demonstrates once again its brand of “Expert of Live animal Transportation”.


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