Home News “Tornado tourism” is big business for some

“Tornado tourism” is big business for some


Chasing twisters in the US is a thriving travel segment

“Tornado tourism” may sound strange or in bad taste following another season of deadly twisters in the USA. But it’s a thriving travel segment for some.
Jennifer Giordano, who takes people on tours that get close to twisters, is enthusiastic about taking souvenir photos of one recent tornado: “It was in the middle of the field and there was nobody around,” she told NBC News. “It just sat there, absolutely stunning.”
Although there’s “a lot of time in the van”, on some days it takes just 10 minutes to find a tornado, she says.
Companies like Extreme Tornado Tours give customers an “exhilarating, life-changing” tornado chasing vacation. A week’s chasing costs $2,600, plus meals. Dates for 2014 are sold out.
“It’s the same kind of people who enjoy skydiving or mountain climbing,” one of Extreme’s tour guides says about the clients. “We all bond.”
[pictured: Joplin, Missouri, after 2011 tornado]


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