Home News “Too fat to fly” passenger sues airline

“Too fat to fly” passenger sues airline


Airline apologises to passenger, then stops her again

A woman who hit the headlines in spring 2011 when a Southwest Airlines gate agent told her she was “too fat to fly” is suing the low-cost airline after it happened again. Kenlie Tiggeman, 31, says that what annoys her most is the inconsistency of the airline’s Customer of Size policy. “The problem I have with Southwest is not that they may want me to purchase two seats. It’s that sometimes they want that, and other times they don’t,” she argues.
Tiggeman, who lives in New Orleans, has in the past weighed more than 180 kg and maintains a blog about her efforts to lose weight. After the first incident, an airline representative contacted her to apologize. She then flew Southwest twice more, in a single seat, but in November 2011 was once again told that she was “too fat to fly.”


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