Home News “Perfect business trip” to Stockholm outlined

“Perfect business trip” to Stockholm outlined


Impress contacts by staying at the Grand Hotel; be punctual

A business trip to one of Northern Europe’s most beautiful capitals must be planned and organised well in advance, according to this “personal travel journal” in “The Wall Street Journal” this weekend. This article stresses the Swedish capital’s efficiency and vibrancy. It recommends the Grand Hotel not only as the best place to stay but also the optimum meeting place. To really impress business contacts, guests should stay at the new Art-Deco inspired Princess Lillian Suite, which has a personal spa, private cinema and panoramic views over the harbour. The best restaurants for business meetings can also be found at the Grand, but the stylish Food Bar (one Michelin star) and the elegant Dining Room (two Michelin stars) are also excellent.
Business etiquette particular to Stockholm includes arranging appointments at least a week in advance, being punctual and avoiding summer. Swedes tend to keep their personal and business lives separate and rarely exchange personal information. First contact often involves getting together over coffee, then having a working lunch or dinner.
The Wall Street Journal
[pictured: Stockholm Harbour]


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