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“No-fly list” expanded in US in Ebola scare


Ebola patient flew on commercial flight with 132 others

The day before she went to hospital with Ebola symptoms, nurse Amber Vinson flew halfway across the USA on a commercial flight with 132 other people, CNN reports. Now the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are trying to track down the passengers and others who may have come into contact with her.

Before flying Frontier Airlines from Cleveland to Dallas, Vinson called the CDC to report a temperature of 99.5 Fahrenheit. She told the agency she was getting on a plane and was not told not to board. The CDC is now considering lowering the fever threshold that is considered a possible sign of Ebola. It is currently 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

CDC Director Dr Tom Frieden said she should not have stepped foot on the flight and is investigating how it happened. He added that there was an “extremely low” risk to anyone else on the plane, but that the CDC is contacting everyone on the flight as part of “extra margins of safety”.

The CDC says it may now put 76 healthcare workers at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas hospital, where the outbreak in the US originated, on the Transportation Security Administration’s no-fly list.


[image courtesy Frontier Airlines]


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