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“Most popular airline seats” named


BA and Skyscanner name seats most often requested

Four pairs of seats in economy class are the most commonly chosen, according to research by British Airways. The airline looked at the most popular seats on a standard Boeing 747 aircraft and discovered that 51B/51C, 52B/52C, 51H/51J and 52H/52J were chosen the most often.
The seats are all located at the back of the aircraft – and are the only seats allowing passengers travelling as couples to have the row to themselves.
In general, window seats are preferred over aisle seats, getting 6% more bookings. Passengers also tend to favour the right-hand side of the aircraft over the left, with 54% of people choosing that side.
In first class, the most popular seats are the ones right at the front – 1A and 1K. In business class – Club World – the upper deck is preferred, with seats at the back – 62A, 62K, 64A and 64K – favoured most frequently.
By comparison, the website Skyscanner found that window seats were typically preferred, with passengers more likely to choose seats at the front of the plane. This is possibly because of the chance of getting served food faster and the ease of getting off the plane.
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[pictured: British Airways Airbus A318 at London City Airport; courtesy British Airways]


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