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“Miss Seychelles…another world” contestant 2013 gives to the less fortunate


Being advocates of charity is a virtue of crowned beauty queens, and contestants for the coming “Miss Seychelles…another world” contestants were reminded that they should at all costs be conscious of their mission once elected.

A recent charity event was a perfect opportunity for the young aspiring beauty queens to get exposure performing that responsibility. The day began very slowly but picked up pace as the drivers took the girls uphill to the first and biggest orphanage in Seychelles – the President’s Village.

On arrival, the girls were hit with a harsh reality, totally unforeseen to them, that being the age of some orphans. With a feeling of melancholy the beauty contestants quickly mingled with the orphans hugging and kissing them. A mixture of tears and smiles filled the room. The girls then proceeded to give each orphan a goodie bag with sweets, chocolate, and a little token. This was well received by the children who almost instantly tore through the chocolate packs.

This mission was seen as a very touching gesture, and it was especially appreciated by Naomi Fernandez who was celebrating her 18th birthday on that very day. She cut her birthday cake and shared with the staff and children of the orphanage.

The next stop for the beauty pageant contestants was the “Foyer de la Providence” in Victoria. Despite being late, the sisters and children at the orphanage were more than happy to welcome the 14 beauty contestants as well as the groomers and the Tourism Board’s Events Team.

The visit was short as it was almost lunch time, but Sandra, one of the contestants, saw tears roll down her cheeks when a child remembered her coming to the orphanage on a similar mission before. This was a touching moment for all. Just like they did at the previous orphanage, the girls distributed goodie bags to the children, spent some time with them, and said goodbye.
Last but not least, the trip took the group to “Foyer de Nazareth” at Anse Etoile. There, just as before, the beauty contestants spent time with the children then gave them each a goodie bag. It was obvious that the heat and trip was taking its toll as the girls looked tired. Despite that, they fulfilled their obligations and took a group photo with the children and sisters of the orphanage. As the day ended, the “Miss Seychelles…another world” beauty pageant contestants described the experience as worth it. It is their hope to go back to at least one of these orphanages and keep working with the unfortunate and deprived children and remain advocates of charity.


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