Home News “Flame debris” hits cars during emergency landing

“Flame debris” hits cars during emergency landing


Air Canada Boeing 777 dumps fuel to avoid damaging landing gear

An Air Canada Boeing 777 with 334 people on board has made an emergency landing at Toronto’s Pearson Airport. At around the same time, Canadian police received calls about “flame debris” falling on cars. Four people in cars on a motorway close to the airport “sustained damage to their vehicles as a result of pieces of flame debris falling down from the sky”, police said.
Air Canada flight AC001 departing for Narita, Japan, was forced into an emergency landing on Monday when an engine failed. The plane had to dump fuel while in the air, an airline spokesperson said, to avoid the weight of the aircraft damaging the landing gear. No one was injured either in the aircraft or on the ground. A police investigation has been launched.
[photo courtesy Air Canada]


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